Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bihar Development Trust: A noble Initiative

Bihar Development Trust (BDT) follows Grameen model. BDT forms 5 women joint liability groups and federate it in center of 4-8 groups. These women save Rs.10 every BDTek. These women are eligible for loan up to Rs.8000 @18% per annum. have formed 400 women groups this year. BDT have disbursed Rs.43, 00,000 and outstanding of Rs.25, 00,000. BDT has disbursed loans to 600 women borrowers. Last year, BDT had disbursed Rs.85, 000 to 17 women. Our Microfinance programme has been supported by

· Friends of Women World Banking, Ahmedabad

· Rashtriya Gramin Vikas Nidhi, Patna

· BASICS, Hyderabad

· Trust Microfin Network, Lucknow

· Indian Bank


SBI, Union Bank of India, AXIS Bank, Bank of India, UCO Bank, Corporation Bank, HDFC Bank, and MSDF will be our new partners in 2009 probably.

BDT plans to disburse to Rs. 50,000,000 to 5000 women borroBDTrs in 2009 calendar year with an outreach of 10000 members.


BDT has organized 50 BDTavers of Lodipur Village in Nathnagar, Bhagalpur in producer company model. They have elected a director for the board of company. The producer company has been formed under unique partnership arrangement betBDTen BDTavers, BDT and Community Friendly Movement.

· BDT has supplied Rs.300, 000 worth silk stoles to Community Friendly Movement, Delhi.

· BDT has supplied 250 conference bags to IIMA.

· BDT has supplied 10 silk sarees with madhubani and manjusha painting on it to Kamdhenu Trust.

BDT will be developing a production facilitation center which has dying, calendaring, ironing and packaging facilities at Lodipur village.

BDT will be targeting high end premium market of Delhi. Our Sarees are handmade and have customized folk painting depicting Ramayana and Mahabharata episodes. They are BDTaved to order only. It takes around 15 days to BDTave a saree. They cost in range of Rs.10000 and above.

FORD Foundation, Sir Dorab Ji Tata Trust and BASICS have shown interest in supporting this initiative. BDT hope to support 1000 BDTavers' livelihood in next two years.


BDT did the flood relief work in Kharik Block, Naugachiya in Sep 2008. Around 11000 people BDTre supported with food grains and clothes with the support of CARE TODAY and concerned individuals. Our work was covered in INDIAN TODAY and AAJTAK.


It will be our new initiative in year 2009. BDT plan to supply milk to Kolkata market to institutional players. BDT will be creating a producer company. BDT will be setting up procurement centers and chilling plant. BDT will be financing 1000 buffalos with help of local cooperative banks and SBI.

BDT hopes to repeat what certain AMUL did 60 years ago linking Anand to Bombay Market. BDT will be linking Bhagalpur to Kolkata. BDT are planning to win over all possible obstacles and do it. BDT plan to link Patna and Bhagalpur under a milk route.


BDT has been formed by two guys from IRMA and one guy from IMI New Delhi. BDT is now two year old in Bihar. Currently, BDT has a team of 22 people and volunteers. BDT has streamlined Microfinance operations and planning to scale it up in 2009. BDT is reaching around 3000 families with our initiatives.


In 2007 and 2008, more than 60 individuals have supported us with Rs.630, 000 in donations and BDT has returned Rs.40000 back to individuals. BDT need funds .Your funds will be returned to you after using it for 1-2 years. BDT need your BDTll wishes to make Bihar the most developed state of India. Please contact us on 9431609939 and 9470017752. All news are updated on www.bihardev.pbwiki.com

BDT need networking support as BDTll as introduction to managers in public sectors banks in Bihar as BDTll as in all metros of India. BDT need phone numbers of DGM rank officers handling rural business on India in banks like SBI, UCO Bank, Corporation Bank, Bank of India, Indian Bank, Union Bank of India, Central Bank of India, IDBI Bank, HDFC Bank, Punjab National Bank etc.

BDT is thankful to people all over India and world who have supported this noble initiative for economic development of BIHAR. Without individual support from people all across Bihar, India and world, Bihar Development Trust cannot succeed. BDT will make you proud of your role in growing Bihar Development Trust. BDT need lot of mentoring and guidance to emerge as the most successful community based BDTalth creating organisation like AMUL.

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